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2.5 Other similar technologies

DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) is a simple cryptographic application programming interface available as a built-in component in Windows 2000 and later versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. In theory, the Data Protection API can enable symmetric encryption of any kind of data; in practice, its primary use in the Windows operating system is to perform symmetric encryption of asymmetric private keys, using a user or system secret as a significant contribution of entropy.DPAPI can help record and store users’ personal data.

Data Cube is a simple application for the record and analyzes personal data.

If you choose to reject cookies, as noted above, you may not be able to use certain features of our websites and services.

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Ready For Some Cute & Funky Design Shoes?

Socofy October 30,2020

As much as women all want a pair of comfortable shoes, they won't look twice at those comfy boring shoes. A riot of color, exotic chic, variations of styles, that's the way how Socofy has won the hearts of ladies of all ages.


You might be probably familiar with the retro and bohemian style we have, but there are still some fun ones you didn’t notice before. So we’re here to introduce some comfy stylish shoes, read on and found out!


1. SOCOFY Paisley Textile Splicing Folkways Style Lace Up Flats

Just as the brand name Socofy, meaning so comfy and fashion. This shoe is the perfect one that fit the brand concept. With soft non-skid synthetic sole and leather material, this flat shoe is not only stylish in a unique way, but they also offer comfort to the delicate feet of women.

Check here: SOCOFY Paisley Textile Splicing Folkways Style Lace Up Flats

2. SOCOFY Hand Painted Retro Genuine Leather Cutout Soft Sandals

Unlike any retro styles shoe store, one of the reasons that Socofy being unique is the hollow design. This pair is one of the most popular hollow design sandals we have. It features a soft insole and adjustable buckle, which provides great cushioning and a personalized fit. Furthermore, this comfortable sandal is cute and stylish, perfect for summer outings as well as sidewalks of the city.

Check here: SOCOFY Hand Painted Retro Genuine Leather Cutout Soft Sandals

3.SOCOFY Bohemian Splicing Pattern Flat Leather Rainbow Boots

These knee-high boots are one of our best-selling boots. It covers your leg all the way up to the knee level, and it makes any woman look gorgeous from all angles with the knitting and lacing design. The genuine leather all the way up and the soft wedge sole will guarantee to give you all-day comfort. Moreover, it’s long enough to keep you warm and to sweep away a bad mood during the wet and cold seasons!

Check here: SOCOFY Bohemian Splicing Pattern Flat Leather Rainbow Boots

Socofy is best known for its incredible design, but it's more than just a beautiful pair of shoes. We always try hard to come up with new styles and designs to achieve our goal, which is to produce unique, handmade, carefully-assembled, powerful work of arts!

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